Friday, March 26, 2010

Wedding Preview

Repeat after me: this isn't a wedding blog. this isn't a wedding blog.

But it IS my blog and I'M getting married. So *sometimes* this will be a wedding blog.

I'm awfully proud of our sort of untraditional, totally US community wedding. So I'm gonna brag a little and tell -you- (all 3) a little bit about it!

I love parties. I love hosting them and getting into the details and hearing my guests tell me how genius I am. So naturally I stressed a bit over what *our perfect wedding* would look like. Plan A-rent a museum, serve surf and turf, unlimited champagne and a guest appearance by Chromeo. Plan B- reality, oh there you are!

Reality=budget for those of you deciding which pair of YSL pumps to don today.

So we thought. ok, I thought. I'm a (over)thinker, and this wedding was no exception. But late one night I had a revelation. GUESS WHAT? it's 2010, ladies and Gentlemen...we can write our OWN RULES! so that's what I did.

We've rented out the boys & girls summer camp where Spencer and I met way back in '96 as junior campers. We're inviting guests to come early and play games (frisbee golf, boccee ball, kickball) or delight in arts & crafts. We'll say our vows about 7ft away from where I agreed to go out with this random boy I hardly new and will be my husband in 56 days. We'll drink margaritas by the trading post while Mr. Alfred Hams it up on the accordian. While we dine, a 50's mowtown cover band we love will serenade us. After we've danced and cut cake and gotten all sweaty, I'll change into my mother's old courthouse wedding dress and we'll make s'mores and have a sing-a-long till we pass out from joyous exhaustion. Everyone will stay at camp. We'll get together for waffles and mimosas in the morning and sneak in a volleyball game or two before we head out.

Oh yea. and the VIP's stay Friday night too for the rehesal diner. which, by the way, is cowboys and indians themed crab feast.

oh boy oh joy!

well hello sunshine!

Not that it's very sunny here. but the trees are in bloom and look great against the stormy gray sky...and that's good enough!

I've been MIA. why? I lost some steam which is directly related to my current job-unhappiness. I'm workin' on it though. Also, big house projects have taken a back seat to crunch-time wedding planning. (a blog post about hanging a shelf in the bathroom seems about as uninteresting as it can get)

Spencer and I have been together for over 12 years and engaged for about 20 months. What can I say? we like to marinade. But with our wedding under 2 months away our dreams and inspirations have quickly catapulted into tangible goodies.

and oh boy its been fun checking stuff off the list! I spent about 5 hours with the gang over at "Law and Order SVU" hand addressing envelopes. The local liquor store had their big blow-out so we waited in multiple lines, argued over the importance of vodka-quality and $1000 bucks later strolled out with all our wedding weekend booze.

One of my favorite things has been creating our invitations. I'm non-traditional and DIY all the way. I'm also a huuuuge cheapskate. So I was BEYOND delighted when one of my besties KTScarlett and her graphic designer beau Z. offered to help me craft my invites. I am in love with them. I could stare all day long. I will post as soon as I can. Not only was it a blast working on it all together but they ended up gifting the invites as their wedding gift. enter tears of joy. Our "big day" has really become a community affair and it makes me so joyful. A family friend has offered to belt out German accordion classics during the cocktail hour, My first boss at a small bakery has gifted our wedding day pastries and cake and my almost sister in law plans on pouring stress sweat and tears into decorating it.

There are no words to describe how blessed we are. but I'll try. maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy baby Shower

why crazy? because it's for a fictional baby.


It is common knowledge amongst my clan that spencer and I are avid Office fans. We have put staplers in Jello. We have purchased several bobble heads and even won a Dundee.

And as a result, we are quite excited for the Thursday's hour episode in which Jim and Pam Halpert give birth to THE OFFICE BABY.

If you are unaware (and that's ok!) Jim and Pam are the Romeo and Juliet of NBC prime time. Except they live in Scranton and they don't kill themselves. Aren't happy endings swell?

So, to celebrate, I'm indulging in my crazy and throwing a baby shower themed viewing party.

There will be games...
-pin the sperm on the egg
-guess the name
-guess the sex
-guess who says the babies name out loud first

There will be baby themed foods...
-rattle in Jello
-little tuna's (Jim's nickname is Big Tuna)
-sweet buns (in the oven)

and naturally I'll pick up some blue and pink balloons.

I just love being weird....