Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy baby Shower

why crazy? because it's for a fictional baby.


It is common knowledge amongst my clan that spencer and I are avid Office fans. We have put staplers in Jello. We have purchased several bobble heads and even won a Dundee.

And as a result, we are quite excited for the Thursday's hour episode in which Jim and Pam Halpert give birth to THE OFFICE BABY.

If you are unaware (and that's ok!) Jim and Pam are the Romeo and Juliet of NBC prime time. Except they live in Scranton and they don't kill themselves. Aren't happy endings swell?

So, to celebrate, I'm indulging in my crazy and throwing a baby shower themed viewing party.

There will be games...
-pin the sperm on the egg
-guess the name
-guess the sex
-guess who says the babies name out loud first

There will be baby themed foods...
-rattle in Jello
-little tuna's (Jim's nickname is Big Tuna)
-sweet buns (in the oven)

and naturally I'll pick up some blue and pink balloons.

I just love being weird....

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