Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dream kitchen: Where art thou?


it's Saturday. I'm working. I'd rather be crafting a headboard...

But, work = money = headboard supplies = headboard. so.

yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to come home from work and find P.May and my future in-laws had come over to install our tile-like stratamax in the kitchen to cover these vinyl tiles which drove me crazy because aside from not being my style at all, they were crooked and sloppily laid...

It looks great but...of coarse there's a it makes me really want to spruce up my workable, but outdated kitchen.

Where do I start though? I have big plans for this little kitchen which include knocking down a wall or two, upgrading every appliance and getting new cabinets and counter top. That plan also includes a wait time of about 5 years...

It would be silly to get just new cabinets or just new counter tops now when we're planning a major redesign. So I need to perform a mini makeover. PROBLEM: I am having serious issues with my next step. I don't have a dream kitchen in mind, there are a lot of styles I like...

Before the purchase of this home I had fantasized about a Mediterranean style kitchen, like this:

Rich colors, dark wood, something that screamed: "people eat well here"

But, I also lean towards a more modern look as well, like this one from Young House Love:

I love LOVE the extreme tile work here and the punchy patterned towel that picks up the pace.

Then again, there is something ultra-cool and classic about this mostly-white beauty...

(Not to mention, I adore the french blue accents...)

Or, why not go with the flow and pick a fun, retro look, like this one from Amy's Blog:

Can you say, "sunny side up"?

The final contender is a more unique look. Something rarely seen outside the Internet, but definitely a growing trend:

So cool! These chalkboard painted walls are making a big splash, as far as I can tell, and I'm on board! How fun would it be to have an ever-changing wall!?!

They all look great, but somehow I think a "Modern-Mediterranean all-white retro kitchen with a chalkboard wall" doesn't translate into awesomness.

But that's down the road. Like, the Highway, or one of those long dirt roads that creep you out a little if you just watched "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". I don't have to worry about all that now, here are my current dilemmas:
1.) Paint the counter tops a'la DIY network BUT WHAT COLOR?!
2.) Find a temporary way to cover up that scenic tile back splash. Ideas include, but aren't limited to: Mounting a custom-cut-by-bria chalkboard painted wood board, cover it up with sticky tile or OTHER (help please)
3.) Counter tops...I don't mind the color really for now, but I'm open to repainting although that really doesn't sound fun...

So, if you read and split, lurk occasionally, or whatever...please give me your 2 cents NOW and help me formulate a fabulous PLAN B!


  1. I completely understand your desire for an updated kitchen, especially since a complete overhaul is a few years away.

    I'm pretty sure you can paint tile, so you could always paint over the backsplash for the time being. I don't know anything about painting countertops and I would be scared that they would look very DIY, but if you are confident, I bet it would work out.

    When it comes to the style of the kitchen you choose when you are ready to start from scratch, I hope you keep in mind the style of your home, the ability for resale, and make sure the kitchen can somewhat withstand the test of time (at least in the near future). However, if you plan on being in your house forever, I say do whatever you think you will love for a long time!

    I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with the kitchen! Good luck!

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog via Sarah @ Dream in Domestic. Congrats on the Sunshine Award! And yes, you should totally keep up your blog, if you enjoy it. If not, then don't do something you don't enjoy... that's my two cents on that subject. :)

    Are you still considering a mini-makeover for your kitchen? I'm guessing you would want to stick with a low budget here, but my thoughts would be: paint the backsplash tiles. White is classic, and tile can be painted. My Mom painted 50's maroon and pink tiles in her bathroom 10 years ago. They still look as amazing today as the day she painted them, they havn't chipped at all - and they are located in the shower. I'm still impressed, actually. :) Next: your cabinets. White is classic and would really open up your kitchen, but a modern dark stain would also be beautiful since your cabs are very simple. Or even for a country/classic look, go with the green that your oven is. Next: countertop. You can paint it, but I've heard the paint is sort of expensive? Maybe it's the kits people talk about, but I've heard around 200$ just to paint the existing countertop. That's a bit much, I think, considering brand new laminate is close in price. Also - consider tiling. :) Granite tiles are only slightly more expensive than new laminate, if you DIY. You have a cute kitchen already - it just needs a little sprucing up. Good luck - I hope you keep up the blog! :)