Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PARIS: too much of a good thing?

We've stumbled on a sort of "travel theme" here at "Moulin Blanc". Haha-a working name based on the white windmill crankin' outside, and a nod to our engagement night.

We have some Key West prints scattered in the hallway, some New York themed stuff going on in the bathroom, our favorite, sappy, travel pics hanging in our bedroom...and Paris...ah Paris.

Spencer and I punctuated our 6 week Parisian study abroad experience with a perfect engagement. We feel in love with the city (how could you not?!) and the life altering proposal makes this City of Lights even more endearing to us. So we have a penchant for things that take us back to that happy time in both our lives. Also, when you say you've been or are going to Paris, people take that as a cue to gift buying. You know, like, when you decide to start a small collection of snowmen, and then everybody you know starts sending a snow-community your way for every gift-giving holiday. you know. Nothing wrong with it, just a fact.

So most of our Parisian decor has found its way into our living/dining room. But it has me thinking...is it too much? Does it say: "Oh look at us, aren't we sooo cool? we've been to Paris, can't you tell?!" ??? YOU TELL ME
This baby hangs in the dining room, but you see it from the couches. It's a spot-in-Paris-not-the Eiffel-tower poster, so that's cool. And the blue matches our curtains perfectly, really joining the 2 rooms together.

This sweetie hangs above the TV. The frame is from Michael's and the pictures are different views of the Eiffel Tower taken by Spencer and I during our trip
(6 weeks, 6 shots)

And then some little touches. A pillow gifted from my mom and a leather photo book from little brother Shane that rests under the glass top coffee table...

So. In writing this I've answered my own question. You can never have enough of a good thing. Especially when it makes you happy. I look at this stuff and get transported back to that night...so blissfully and wildly in love, full of hope and promises. It reminds me to bring that feeling to our everyday life. Hmphf. Home decor for happiness. Now that's a good excuse to go shopping...

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  1. That's so funny, because my boyfriend and I travel for our careers, so we tend to buy all "travel" related decor. Sometimes I'm like, ENOUGH with all of my world artifacts and accessories! :)