Tuesday, February 2, 2010

could it be? D-O-N-E ?!?!

Oh my goodness, not the whole house! certainly not! We still have loads of empty space and some iffy paint choices to review...

But I had set out to decorate in stages, i.e.-take on one room at a time as not to overwhelm my brain or pocketbook. So #1 for me (for US, whatever...) was making our main living space-the living and dining room-look DONE. For the most part...I suspect I'll be adding little odds and ends as time passes.

So for now I'm pronouncing these rooms....blissfully done-ish...
Our Living room...BEFORE

and AFTER...

Our dining room BEFORE


Full shot BEFORE

You know what's next...

We decided to hang the giant mirror we scored at scratch n dent above the couch after much discussion. I had scoured art.com for *the perfect* piece of giant artwork to no avail. I considered making my own art. I was iffy about the mirror because it would be reflecting our gigantor TV...ew. But then I realized it would also reflect our gigantor 96" window. And we already had it. I'm still on the fence about the brick wall decor. I grabbed the 2 N. Wyatt framed prints at Ross for an awesome $17 a pop (saw them on art.com for over $100 bucks each!!) I like them there, but I'm on the hunt for a tall, wide (but skinny!) table with a drawer to go under and then I'll probably hang 'em a little higher...we shall see.

So, long story done, I'm on to the next room(s). 1) finish the main bathroom and then work on the master bed/bath combo. After that...who knows? But I've got at least 3-5 business days (until my comfy new discounted comforter comes in) to sit and relax in my cozy living room!


  1. Your before and afters look great! Very cozy. By the way, I love the "B" and "S" letters on your living room bookcase. Can I ask where you bought those? I'm a sucker for monogram lettering. :) Thanks.

  2. I think you should paint the dark brick wall white, ala YHL style. Brighten up that space a bit!

  3. Angela-
    Thank you! i scored those letters from Michaels crafts a few years back and just painted them white! (they were a natural wood color) not only do they serve as a super-cool monogram, but its pretty funny, too!
    I have been making a case for white brick since we first saw the place.(i heart YHL) I might just go ahead and do it one day!

  4. Your rooms look great! I think the mirror is perfect too. Good job, Bria :)

    I also love the letters. I've been thinking about doing something in the kitchen that says Eat of Food or HUNGRY. :)