Tuesday, February 9, 2010

20+ inches of snow, and I'm in South Beach

HA! I wish!!! The correct wording is, "I'm on South Beach", as in: I'm on a diet.

I am 101 days from getting married. I shallowly vowed to myself I would be the hottest version of moi on May 22, 2010. I'm not gi-normous, but I quickly accumulate belly blub, and while I'm generally pretty ok with my size, I have no choice.

You see, I'm an idiot. and a masochist. I dove head first into the South Beach diet around this time last year with great success, shedding nearly 15 pounds in 2 weeks. I felt great, looked good and was ready to try on some wedding dresses! They always say you go in looking for one thing and end up falling for something totally different, and that was true for me. I fell in love with this little number:

(That's soooo not me!!)

We ordered it in my size and waited till October to see her again. I slowly weened myself off the diet and by then I had put the pounds back on. So my dress doesn't fit. shit. The only option is to cut the carbs once again and focus.

It's gonna be a loooong 101 days....

So this is day 2 of SBD#2. I'm optimistic, but it's tough with all this snow on the ground! Being snowed in begs for a constant fueling of hot chocolate, mac'n'cheese and bottles of red wine. The 1st 2 weeks are the toughest but garner the fastest results. No grains of any sort, no booze, no sugar (that includes fruit!)It's easier than you might think, but requires A LOT of thought. Which is a good thing. SBD#1 forced me to really take a look at my eating habits and think about what I was putting into my body instead of just grabbing something fast and tasty. I did a ton of prep work this weekend: having onion chopped and ready to go for quick omelette's, making big batches of tuna salad and baked chicken tenders. I'm setting myself up for success and as a result, our fridge is the fullest it's been since we moved in!! I'm praying it has the same effect as it did last time and I can breath easy....literally....in my gorg. gown.

I would recommend this diet to anyone, even the most diet-phobic. Yesterday I ate pretty well!
-spinach and feta omelet with turkey bacon
-some cottage cheese with TONS of salt and pepper
-a HUUUGE chef salad with bacon, cheese and chicken
-a bunch of pistachios as a snack
-lemon pepper halibut with oven roasted asparagus, broccoli and "surprise! south beach mashed potatoes" (which are mashed cauliflower with butter and milk...so good!)
-some almond mocha ricotta creme for desert

Ok, I had 2 bites of Spencer's ice cream...but it's no sugar added. so sue me!

Actually don't sue me, just wish me luck!

any diet success stories out there to share?

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  1. Wow the food you mentioned sounds incredible! If I were going on a diet, I don't think I would mind eating all of that stuff, but I'm sure it does get old after a while. Good luck! You can do it! Even if you didn't need to fit into your wedding dress, you could still think of all the wonderful things you are doing for your body, which is always a beautiful thing. You can do it!

    By the way - what a gorgeous dress!!!!