Monday, August 30, 2010

Cut a littlle off the top

Oh boy, I wish I was a savvy coupon shopper! I save them, even cut them out sometimes but ultimetly ALWAYS forget to bring them along with me...

I just read a blog post where this woman spends on average $40 a week on groceries for her and her husband. GAH! I do my best, but that puts me to absolute shame! Is she serving canned soup and grilled cheese sammies (which actually sounds positively delish right now)?!

Spencer and I were invited over for dinner last week and I noticed a "dinner list" on Anika's fridge. She had every meal planned out. Can I do that? I am so ruled by my minute-to-minute emotions, I'm unsure if I can stick to a plan, but by golly I'm gonna give it a shot. And even if no one reads this bloggie blog, posting decrees such as this out in public often solidify my determination to complete the assignment. So here goes:

Monday: grilled sausage & corn. creamy red bliss potatoes
Tuesday: Turkey & artichoke stuff'd shells & salads
Wednesday: Slow cooker chicken cordon bleu & zucchini pie (yes, again)
Thursday: salmon burgers & garden cous cous
Friday: asian lettuce wraps & corn chowda

Will I save money? If we are invited over somewhere, we'll bump a meal to the weekend, I suppose.

On a succesful note - I did manage to pick up about 80% of my produce from the truck guy I just found. Farmers markets are swell - if you can take off a thursday afternoon just to go shopping...

wish me luck! any grocery saving tips out there?


  1. Good luck! I would love to start couponing as well, but I don't know where to start! I hope you update us so we know if you do save any money - then I can hopefully learn from you!

    By the way - all the food sounds amazing - I wish I could stop by for dinner! :P

  2. I plan out dinner as well - we have a white board in the kitchen so I write in on there. I have found that I actually spend *more* money on groceries when I meal plan because I am more likely to make complicated dinners over just grilled cheese or something cheap. That being said, I LIKE to cook and I LIKE to eat delicious it's something I don't mind spending money on. Also, I like to think that having a meal plan will ensure that we don't just make a chipotle run anytime either of us are feeling that's good, right!?