Thursday, September 2, 2010

crock pot, pot crock & college pays off

My chicken cordon bleu a la Crock Pot didn't pan out EXACTLY as I planned, but It still turned out very tasty as a "stoup" with some buttered bread on the side.

The crock was a marvelous stroke of planning, as after I paid our bills, I was in no mood to either cook OR spend money!

Tonight I had planned salmon burgers, but they may get bumped (its in the plan!) for an impromptu dinner with mi madre.

Unrelated, I was tickled pink today when I was tagged to pen a press release at work. Why? Well, I'm just so pleased I actually got to do something that I *GASP* LEARNED IN COLLEGE! Pulitzer Prize winning press release? Hardly. But i just can't help reading it over and over to myself and smiling :)

Also, is it odd that I am mostly so excited for this weekend - not for the 3-days-longyness of it, rather for the fact I will finally select the perfect shade of pale celery green in which to paint my home office walls.

domesticality suits me, thank god. i made that word up, sorry dictionary, you snooze you loose.

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  1. Nice!!! :)

    Also - Are you still thinking about paint color for your office? I have a green in mine as well, which I love. It's a light but saturated green. Let me know if you want me to dig up the color.