Wednesday, December 23, 2009


3 days in of keeping my promise to blog everyday...
7 days away from signing on the dotted line...

I told Spencer I had started a modest blog last night and he was excited. I naturally groaned out my prediction that ZERO people would ever find it, but Spence reminded me that wasn't the point. He headed out for the evening and left me to some guilt-free lady TV time, in which I secretly purchased and watched "Julie & Julia".

So the Universe gave me another nod of encouragement here. I had chosen this flick for a few reasons, none of which included a lick about blogging in any form. First, I like to watch movies without Spencer around that I know he would not want to ever see, second, I think Amy Adams is adorable and lastly...i love French food.

Anywhosit, Julie starts this blog where she cooks through Julia Child's cookbook. Brilliant. Looked like a lot of fun too (save the sweetbreads and aspic). But she starts it as a "something" for herself. She didn't start it to be rich and famous. Or even half less broke and mildly known.

I feel ya Julia. Right now I'm looking for "something". I want to write a little each day because I love writing-good or not. I want a little something to be excited about. A hobby. A place to show off all the hard work I plan to do to my house in the upcoming days. So I'm joining the 70 MILLION BLOGGERS out there and adding my 2 cents.

Cent #1- I can do anything
Cent #2- so can you

So lets do anything together, shall we?

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