Monday, December 28, 2009

It's like Christmas Eve for adults...

eeek! eee-gaaad! holy smokes!

It is the eve of our signing and I truly feel like a kid again...I just know I won't be getting much sleep tonight! It reminds me so much of how I felt as a youngster on Christmas Eve. Too excited to close my eyes, jittery, so very excited for the time to pass and morning to arrive!

Just writing about it has my heart racing.! Only grown-ups own houses...does that it couldn't...but still, all the evidence says:

I AM A GROWN UP. (!?!?!?)

Spencer and I will sit down tomorrow at 3pm and start signing. I wonder if the house will feel the change in ownership. I imagine this lovely home sitting, sort of bored and a little sad that no one has been around in quite sometime. She'll be counting the faux bricks on her living room wall for the 100th time when all the sudden...a little twitch. Maybe her ears will burn. Will the air change then? Will she pounce like a little puppy when it spots their owners car pulling in the drive way? Will all the sudden, when the last line is signed at 3:54pm, she feels the rush of love come her way?

I think so. I hope she likes us. Maybe it will be strange at first- after all she's only known one family her whole life. The sight of two twenty-somethings rolling around her hardwoods laughing (because that's exactly the first thing we plan on doing) might startle at first and, but hopefully she has a sense of humor. Hopefully she knows just how much we love her already.

And I hope she likes the face lift we're ready to deliver! Tomorrow I will post a photo tour of our new nest (eeeek! i said that!) And then we can start to have some F-U-N!!!

Here's a little sneaky-peak to get the party started!


  1. You are beyond adorable, clever, and tiny!