Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Goods

Wonderful Christmas! I have an oven mitt ladies and gentlemen, EXHALE...

I was once again amazed by the generosity on support of our families this holiday season. Spencer and I really are so lucky! It was sad my Dad couldn't be there (some major mouth makeover happening) but I got to spend some good time with him the day before, so it didn't feel awful. It still feels so strange to not wake up at my parents house on Christmas Day...I wonder if I will ever get over that!

I'm sure this little home of ours will help with that. Spencer's wheels are already spinning- next Christmas he wants to host our families at our new home. Like, the whole kitten kaboodle. Uncles, Aunts, Mr. Albert and his accordion. You know, the usual.

We are about 2 days away from signing our X's all over the place and walking away with a shiny new set of keys! I got an energy boost from BRAD and DAVID (ha!) my good friends who are 4 months in to Vermont living and are slowly but surely renovating their first home. They warned me that signing might be more emotional than I expect but it is worth the stress (i knew that one!). I'm going to get myself into a zen place of calm and excitement. High emotions usual equal twitchy spaz-outs for me, and I would prefer not to pout all over my new (old) house.



  1. Good luck with your signing! I hope you'll post some before pictures of your new house! :)

  2. Thank you so much! Oh yes, get ready for a virtual tour soon!