Monday, January 4, 2010

Bria LeeAnn: Accidental Anthropologist

That's right. I'm dissecting the history of a culture that lived in the exact general area of my new home for the past half decade. And its been fun. And confusing.

Right off the bat we got a glimpse into the personality of our Home's previous owners. "Ralph and Dawn O'Kramer" (that's a code name!) She: Loves flowers, whether or not they match anything...

Flowers were found on each and every curtain pattern (save one, which instead had faux blue blooms pinned to them) And I know for a fact there was a floral border in the dining room they removed to sell the house (thank you, Dawn). Oddly enough they did not like the physical time needed to keep real blooms, as every single one of their flower beds are filled with pebbles.

He: was very handy in his spare time. His garage sports a well-organized work cabinet. There are also 2 built in cabinets (one in the family room, one on the sun porch) That look eerily alike and hand-made. Lastly, He boasted TWO, count 'em TWO, sheds. One for tools and another equipped with shoddy electricity that doubled as a workroom. (That's TK showing off some cabinets with me our first night in. We're there to party.)

She: was hardworking. This is evident by the complete and total lack of a dishwasher. 50 years and ZERO one-button cleaning capability. She is a stronger woman than I. There are also probably a combined total of 12 clotheslines in and out of the house. I, on the other hand use the dryer for everything, even when it says I shouldn't.

He: was a state-farm insurance agent. Thanks to the boxes of office supplies left behind embossed with his name.

They: May have been color blind. Seriously. When we purchased the house, the sellers agent told us she had wisely advised them to do some "Designed-to-sell" quick fixes before listing (hence the floral border gone south). So when we first walked through we were hit with a lot of WHITE, bright, stark, probably-primer white. Upon closer inspection it was revealed that this was masking a strange blue-green-teal paint that covered the walls. All of the walls. Bedroom, kitchen, dining, living, guest room, porch...even the avocado bathroom. That color, combined with the mix'n'match wood finishes, brick, and left behind curtains tells me that was either their "signature family hue" or they just really couldn't see how crazy it all looked together. But hey, thanks for the primer coat at least...but you coulda taped and protected that lovely wood floor a little better!

And lastly, They obviously loved their home. They took amazing care of it - even if they skipped a few steps in remodeling here and there. The house has an easy going and loving feel to it. A happy family lived there, surrounded by teal-blue-green, and I'm happy to get my chance to share the love.

XOXO 'till next time, I'm uncovering new discoveries EVERY DAY!

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