Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here we are!

Here is my little family in our new home (don't mind the slightly exhausted looks on our faces-we're slightly exhausted) Me, Spence-didily-ence and sweet Lily. We borrowed some "furniture" from the ivy room to sit and admire our freshly painted digs.

Over the past weekend of endless cutting-in and double coats, I realized- we're a good team. Which is great news. Since we're getting married and all. When I wanted to tape, Spencer was up for some rolling. When his hand cramped, he passed the trim brush to me and I happily accepted. We even took turns using the cordless drill. Sure, there were times where we disagreed and my voice crept slowly to a pitch only dogs can hear, but at the end of it we truly compromised. Well, I'm still lobbying for a pretty framed mirror to sub as a bathroom vanity in lieu of the standard medicine cabinet (really, who needs cabinets in all three of their bathrooms?!) but besides that. compromise. teamwork. respect. These are the lessons we are learning in building not only a home, but a future together as husband and wife.

On one of my few and favorite blogs I read this today: "Choose a color and soul that you want to have linger for years, and then LIVE there" She was talking about wedding planning, but I'm adopting it as a house mantra. Cliff notes: Surround myself with what I really want in life. Soak in it occasionally. Let your heart live in your home and vice verse.

So instead of fretting over a color theme that makes the kitchen connect with the guest room, I'll focus more on filling our house and our lives with what I really want: love. compromise. teamwork. respect.

and sweet Lily...

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