Friday, January 8, 2010

Spencer's Suggestion

The other day Spencer, covered in dust, looked at me and told me he had a post suggestion:

"If you have ugly old bathroom tile, just try to live with it."

And I agree. Our bathroom came full of greenish fixtures-some are easy fixes. New toilet: check. A shower curtain that hangs past the tub: instantly hidden. Slap some stratamax on the floor: goodbye jolly green giant style checkers. But the tile? Well we had reserved ourselves to just live with it...

But we got cocky. Maybe it was because the swing doors had come off so easily, or because the wallpaper had so wonderfully flaked away. Erna said it would be no problem at all (why we listened to her, I have no idea...she's never removed 50 year-old tile!) So we watched a few online tutorial, asked the experts at Lowes and armed ourselves with a grout saw and hammer.

The tile came off easily enough...the problem is SO DID THE DRYWALL.

So I repeat on behalf of my beau:

If you have old weird tile. Live with it. As long as you can.

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