Monday, January 25, 2010


Am I back? I don't know and you don't care! It was hard to keep updating. First, we only just got internet access this past Saturday and secondly...nothing seems done! Everything is in a state of half-doneness.

See? Those blinds have been like that for a week! I'm too nervous to drill into the window frames by myself and Spencer...well, Spencer could care less if they're hung or lean or break out into a jazz dance solo.

Last week our friend TK came over to do a little this'n'that and and told us the last 15% took the longest to finish. I rolled my eyes, "maybe for you TK, but the finishing touches are what I love most!"

Well he's right. We have to shake ourselves out of this sweet new, house love long enough to get some work done!

It took 3 trips to 2 different wal-marts and a drive-by Lowes visit to finally decide on this curtain combo:

So. Things take time. Hang with me and give me some motivation!

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