Monday, January 4, 2010

House Tour 2

Finally a few more pics! It seems silly to post these now because I feel it looks so different already! But we will get to those changes later, first we must review the Home in its initial splendor...(please forgive the dates...I'll have to remove those since they are both ugly and incorrect)

Here is a good view from the corner of the living room into the dining and kitchen areas. You can spot that hip avocado oven, (I had thought it olive green, but my Mom corrected me) the love-it-or-hate-it-not-sure-yet fake brick wall and the stately and dark ceiling fan hanging in the dining "cubby"

We have since painted all of the walls and trim in these rooms.

Here are the swing doors we just didn't know what to do with. They now rest peacefully in our garage, along with that lamp pinned to the wall. Turns out it was a real safety hazard!

Now, take a peak at our color-themed bathrooms. One is avocado green, the other is naturally pink. A bathroom like ole greenie here really makes you wonder..."what were they thinking in 1964?" Could they possibly have thought this could be timeless? Really?

Ahh! Even though we accomplished a lot this weekend (with a little help from our friends...) There is still much to do before we move our things in. And it just keeps piling up. Now Spencer and I are seriously considering to attempt removing said avocado tiles from the bathroom. We had thought we would live with it for a while...but we have the urge to purge and we're on a roll!

watch out for my expose on closeted wallpaper and our pretty in beige after pics once all the trim is painted!

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